Makers Workshop

16 & 17 July / 3pm - 7pm & 9.30am - 5.30pm / FACTLab / FREE, booking required


Artists and Creative Technologists: Hack together and prototype new interactive artwork using live data streams.


At the Makers Workshop you'll see examples from our collaborating digital artists, get your hands on our software and hardware data manipulation tools, and start experimenting for yourself, under our expert guidance, using real live scientific data, from environmental sensors (waves from Hastings, local weather and air quality from Sheffield) and from a host of biosensors covering things like heart rate, respiration, brain scans and skin conductance. Then take away what you've learned; plugin to existing, or generate new data streams; and go build your own projects. Using anything from the Web to Unity, Arduinos to ESP8266’s and much in between.


We will use the workshop to launch a competition to work with Performing Data, which will offer prize money of £500. More details available during the workshop.


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Thursday 16 July - Exhibition Opening and Public Presentations


Day One of the workshop will involve a series of presentations that are open to the public that describe how the artists developed artworks using the performing data toolkit to stream live data and the technologies involved.


3pm – Welcome & Talks


The Performing Data Project - Prof Steve Benford will present the research and collaborative process involved in The Performing Data Project


Streaming Live Data using the Performing Data Toolkit - Artists/researchers Rachel Jacobs and Brendan Walker how they used the performing data toolkit to stream live data to make new artworks as part of a collaborative process and how they were involved in developing the concept of performing data


The Toolkit - Paul Tennant will present the technology involved in the toolkit


Creating Artwork With The Toolkit – Artists Caroline Locke and Di Wiltshire will describe how they used the Performing Data Toolkit within their artworks


6pm - Exhibition Opening


A chance to see and interact with the artworks presented


Friday 17 July - Makers Workshop


Day Two is an all-day hands-on session where participants will create their own artwork using the software/hardware tools and data streams provided – including arduno/ESP kits, web development tools, game development tools, plenty of sensors and some live environmental tools , facilitated by Rachel Jacobs, Paul Tennent, Holger Schnädelbach and Joe Marshall.


9:30am - Welcome


10am - The Performing Data set of tools- we’ll show you what we’ve brought along for you to play with – software tools for manipulating data, and hardware tools to do physical things with it.


11am - Tinkering and Making in teams using skills you already have, or developing new ones, and a host of potential data sources.

(Lunch will be provided)


4.30pm - 5.30pm  Exhibition of pieces made throughout the day.

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