Follow: Young Film Programmers

Tuesday 19 Jan / 7:30pm / FREE, Booking Required


Our current exhibition, Follow, is all about how we live on social media and what happens to us when we market ourselves online. What does it mean to be a citizen of the wider online community?


We’ve been collaborating with BFI Hub programme Film Audience Network to bring you a series of screenings that explore these themes in more depth. The programme has been developed by a team of young people who have researched and critiqued a range of films for you to engage with. Showcasing everything from blockbusters to documentaries to short films made locally, this is a diverse, exciting programme designed for true film fans of all ages.


Come to the first screening on Tuesday 19th January and join the conversation!


Film details: 


Directors Patrick CederbergWalter Woodman 

Starring: Sam KantorCaitlin McConkey-PirieNina Iordanova 

Canada 2013 18 mins


The film's focus is Noah, picking up with him logging onto his computer, chatting with friends on Facebook and a Skype back-and-forth with his girlfriend Amy about their long distance relationship, which is when things begin to take a turn for the worse.


Noah tends to over-think, which most of us do on social media. He logs into his girlfriends account, after the same person keeps posting on her photos and finds a conversation between them.


What's On Your Mind

Director Shaun Higton

Starring Amir AlaviEspen AlknesClaes Friis-Thofte

Norway 2014 3 mins


A man looking at his Instagram sees how his friend’s lives are a lot more glamourous than his own and starts to post exaggerated lies on Facebook just to fit in and for the likes.


The Cabinet of Dr Caliagri (72 mins)

Director Robert Wiene

Starring Werner KraussConrad VeidtFriedrich Feher

USA 1920 72 mins


This is an German film from the 1920s. The script was inspired by various experiences from the lives of Janowitz and Mayer, both pacifists who were left distrustful of authority after their experiences with the military during World War I. It was made in response to what was going on at that particular time, and social media is a great way of sharing information on current events.  

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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