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19 December, 9 and 23 January, 6 and 20 February / 12pm - 4pm / FREE, drop-in


Remaking, and reinterpretation is everywhere on the internet, from endlessly reworded memes and parodies of music videos to make-up tutorials and tongue-in-cheek homages to social media superstars.


Manchester based artist and filmmaker Louise Adkins has designed a series of workshops which play out a reenactment of a major event on, or around, the internet.


What is it we do when we remake and reinterpret, and why do we endlessly share the same ideas, rehashed or slightly altered? Ideas around identity, collective making, and performativity will run through these workshops. The props, directions and provocations will also remain in the space throughout the exhibition if everyday visitors wish to take part.


Visitors will be invited to take part in the production of this performance piece, and will be directed, given a script and a series of props and backdrops to be able to do this.

Event times

This event is no longer running.