Do Something! Saturday: Star Lab

19 March, 2, 16 & 30 April, 14 & 28 May, 11 June / 12pm - 4pm / The Window Niche, FACT Foyer / FREE, drop-in


Every two weeks on a Saturday during Ryoichi Kurokawa's unfold exhibition, we'll be hosting a drop-in Star Lab. Through a range of activities and games, you're invited to contribute to real scientific research around star activity, learn about the different things you might see in the night sky and even create your own star!


All the activities are available online so click the links below to continue your space exploration at home after the workshop!


Activities include:


The Milky Way Project: Contribute real research to help astronomers exploring the night sky locate regions in our galaxy where stars are being born! Visitors will be able to see photographs of regions in space and are asked to do a little, simple detective work to look for stellar phenomena that can clue astronomers in to where Stars are being born


My Sky Map: Using a simple browser-based utility, visitors can create their own personal map of the night sky, including all major constellations, stars and other astronomical phenomena from any date, time and location on earth. It could be today, the day they were born, an anniversary... anything! We can then email the image created to them.


Galaxy Zoo: Our longest-range telescopes have been able to spot thousands upon thousands of galaxies out in the universe, and astronomers need your help to classify them! Visitors are show photographs of distant galaxies and are asked some basic questions to help identify them and their features. Again, this is real crowd-sourced volunteer research.


MyStar: Using a simple web-based app, visitors can make their own star in the galaxy and check back in later in the day to see its fate.


100,000 stars: This is an interactive 3D tour of our little spot in the Milky Way Galaxy. Visitors can see where all our nearest neighbour stars are in a 3D model and find out more about them as they go.


Our workshop on Saturday 2 April is part of BBC Get Creative Day, and the session on 11 June is supported by Children's Art Week.

Event times

This event is no longer running.