Cinema Paradiso Screening

Tuesday 19 Mar / 6pm / The Box, FACT / £8 (inc booking fee), booking via Eventbrite


Join the Liverpool Architectural Society for a screening of Cinema Paradiso, which follows a filmmaker as he recalls his childhood of falling in love with the pictures at the cinema.

This film will be introduced by Dr. Marco Iuliano, Senior Lecturer and Research Director at the Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts, Liverpool School of Architecture, University of Liverpool

This film is apart of Town and Country, a film series organised by the Liverpool Architectural Society, that takes you on an international tour of small-town life, its problems and advantages, with filmic visions from the bucolic and nostalgic, to the claustrophobic and threatening. Each film will have a short introduction by an architect or film historian.

Please note all tickets are sold at the reduced rate of £8 each and feature no trailers or advertisements beforehand.

The Liverpool Architectural Society Film Series 2018-19 is supported by the Royal Institute of British Architects Local Initiative Fund.

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