Burnley Youth Theatre: What I want more than anything else

A Public Art Project by Mark Titchner

Burnley Youth Theatre
15 July 2017 - 31 January 2018

Newly commissione
d artworks by Mark Titchner will be exhibited throughout Burnley Youth Theatre that includes exterior banners and video works.

Naomi, 2017
Banners, digital print on mesh PVC; 300cm x 150cm

“I want to make music” by Sarfraz Mahmood and “I want love & creativity in abundance” by Naomi Humphreys appear on colourful patterned banners, illuminating the façade of Burnley Youth Theatre. 

, 2017.   Bethan, 2017.
Banners, digital print on mesh PVC; 200cm x 40cm

Artworks on five lamp posts in the theatre’s car park display two responses: “I want there to be world peace so everyone in the world can be friends and everyone’s family to live a long happy life” is an innocent yet confident message from Annabel Heath (aged 13 from Hull) while; “I want world peace, universal healthcare, no oppression, no prejudice, no poverty”, is a strong, defiant message from Bethan Griffiths (aged 17 from Wigan).

2017. 2 Videos (white & black). 8:16mins

“I want no more guns in the world” by Betty Loades (aged 13 from Hull) is on a continuous loop, designed to feel like auto-suggestive mind control.

Sally, 2017. Video. 2:57mins
A dreamlike film animates the text “I want to go back to Mexico with my Mum and family from England to see my best friend, cousin and Mexican family again” by Sally Sanchez (aged 13 from Hull).

Kyle, 2017. Video. 30secs

“I want to see Ibrahimovic because he is a famous footballer” by Kyle Johnston (aged 13) appears in a rainbow effect, as if written using a Magic Drawing Slate. 


An exhibition of ‘text’ artworks submitted by young people across Burnley (aged 25 & under), as part of our Text Art competition to creatively respond to the question, "What is it that you want more than anything else?" will be displayed in the venues foyer area until 31 December 2017. 

The competition was won by talented young people, Teigan Bateman, 11, and Chloe Waddington, 14. Read more about the winners here

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What I want more than anything else by Mark Titchner is commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), in partnership with Hull Culture & Leisure Library Service, Inspiring healthy lifestyles and Lancashire County Council.


Networked Narrative is a four-year project (2014-2017) made possible with the generous support of public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring fund.

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