Burnley Library: What I want more than anything else

A Public Art Project by Mark Titchner

Burnley Library, Grimshaw Street, Burnley BB11 2BD
15 July 2017 - 31 January 2018

Cordeyleigh, Ellie, Imogen, Isobel, Jasper,
Lyndsey, Naomi, Nicole, Olivia, Sarfraz, Aisha,2017

Eleven flags, digital print on polyester; 150cm x 90cm
Eleven poles, aluminum; 6000cm and 5985cm


An installation of flags assembled on the grass lawn of the Place De Vitry will fly above the civic square adjacent to Burnley Library. Each flag displays the handwritten response of a young person from the region on a vibrant, rainbow of colours backdrop. Another way to consider this artwork is to think of it as a united nations of inner voices and immediate aspirations.

Isobel, Eden, Olivia, Olivia, Kyle, Mina, 2017
Flags, digital print on knitted polyester; 90cm x 156cm

Positioned on the sides of the library building, six flags disclose personal and unassuming texts by young people from Burnley, Wigan and Hull. This Modernist Grade II listed building (1928-30) adorned in various multicoloured artworks will display the responses:

“I want to make them better again” by Isobel Duckworth from Burnley.
“Equality for all” by Eden Sedman (aged 16) from Hull.
“Always be happy” by Olivia Taberner (aged 17) from Wigan.

“I want my family to be happy!” by Olivia Clark (aged 16) from Burnley.
“I want a dog because they are great” by Kyle Johnston (aged 13) from Wigan.
“I want to have my dad back” by Mina Lawton (aged 15) from Hull.


Nicole, 2017.      Bethan, 2017.    Alice, 2017.
Bookmarks. 5.2cm x 14.8cm

Over 3000 bookmarks with the words: “I want to escape into happiness” by Nicole Stiff, “I want world peace, universal healthcare, no oppression, no prejudice, no poverty” by Bethan Griffiths (aged 17 from Wigan) and “I would like to go and study volcanoes” by Alice Sanchez (aged 14 from Hull) will be concealed inside library books throughout three libraries in Burnley:

BURNLEY LIBRARY, Grimshaw Street BB11 2BD
PADIHAM LIBRARY, Burnley Road , Padiham BB12 8BS.


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What I want more than anything else by Mark Titchner is commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), in partnership with Hull Culture & Leisure Library Service, Inspiring healthy lifestyles and Lancashire County Council.


Networked Narrative is a four-year project (2014-2017) made possible with the generous support of public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring fund.

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