Brazilica Film Festival: ELIS

Monday 16 July / 7.30pm / The Box / FREE, booking required


2016 | Biopic, Drama, Music | PG | 115 min | Portuguese Language with English Sub-titles | Dir. Hugo Prata


The life of Elis Regina, undoubtedly the greatest Brazilian singer of all time, is told in this biopic film with energetic and pulsating rhythm.


Coming from a humble background, the young and fearless Elis Regina will pursuit her dream and fight to be a singer. She moves to the cultural bubbly Rio de Janeiro of the 60’s and achieves an unexpected, yet fulminant success. Once she gains national and international recognition, her music rises to soaring heights, but success comes at a price and her personal life will slips through her fingers.





Brazilica is a unique festival in the UK celebrating Brazilian arts and culture. In July each year, the festival brings artists from the UK , Europe and Brazil to Liverpool.


Throughout the day (Saturday 14th July 2018), bands perform on the Waterfront mainstage followed by the night time carnival parade through the city centre with glittering costumes, floats and the irresistible sounds of samba.


Brazilica film festival will be running from 16th to 30 July 2018 showcasing 8 feature films and documentaries shown in different venues.

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