Big Data

9 October / 10am -­ 4.30pm / FREE

Nowadays, we create as much information as we did from the beginning of time up to 2003 every two days. Everything we do online generates data that is collected and stored - and used by commercial corporations and governments for power and control as well as in cancer research and for fitness tracking. Regardless of how the data is used, the ownership of data has implications that are too significant to overlook. 

Hosted by FACT and in collaboration with IFG at CASI, Hope University, this event focuses on the complex political and cultural issues that big data bring about. In presentations and group discussions, issues regarding privacy, sustainability, the commercialisation of information and democracy will be explored from different perspectives. Keynote speaker is Richard Thieme, ‘father figure for online culture’ and influential commentator on technology and culture. He is accompanied by artist and designer Keiichi Matsuda, philosopher Paul J. Ennis, criminologist Ian Stanier and Conal Devitt, Director at the virtual marketplace TGL, where users are rewarded with online currency for actively engaging with community-based organisations. Together with the audience, the speakers will identify and comment on challenges that will define our digital future. 

This all day event consists of five presentations followed by group discussions, where speakers illustrate what implications our approach to data have on our freedom of movement, our health and the global distribution of wealth and power. The discussions will be facilitated by partners from FACT and Hope University.

Videos of a range of the Big Data talks are now avilable on

Paul Ennis' talk is part of the Philosophy in The Gallery Series sponsored by the British Society of Aesthetics in collaboration with the University of Liverpool.

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