Artist Talk: 'Dark Jesters' in the Spotlight

Thursday 2 March / 12.15 - 2pm / The Box / Free, booking required  


The artists in the How much of this is fiction. are what we are calling media tricksters and 'dark jesters', who use fiction as a method to unmask, subvert and satirise the workings of power, or to create the possibility of alternative futures by using fictional scenarios to act ‘as if’ change had already occurred. In a series of short talks followed by dialogue with the curators, the artists will explore how their tactics can be differentiated from the deliberate use of fake-news by the insurgents of the new 'alt-right'. 


With David Garcia, Eric Kluitenberg, Annet Dekker, UBERMORGEN, HeHe, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, and Ian Alan Paul.


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This event is no longer running.