T2: Judgement Day (with live soundtrack) Cert. 15 Picture house at FACT

Bronnt Industries Kapital takes on Terminator 2, producing a new live soundtrack which beefs up and reappraises the full length original, like 3D glasses for the ears.

James Cameron’s 90s blockbuster pitting Arnold Schwarzenegger (alongside Ed Furlong’s teenage John Connor) against the mercurial T1000 now comes across as a strange mix of apocalyptic chase-thriller, camp catchphrases and also extended hypnotic dream-sequences. Its proposed “rise of the machines” reflected the growing sense of millennial / technological anxiety that gripped Western populations at the end of the last century. 
Bronnt Industries Kapital has reappraised and revitalized the second Terminator film through reworking its audio track to introduce a more pronounced dream-like detachment to the viewing experience. Bronnt’s new sound track is comprised of a patchwork of heavily processed elements of the original soundtrack, re-arranged radical versions and re-foley, and muscular pursuit-disco workouts which recall an even earlier cinematic era of John Carpenter et al. 

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