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The Dawn Chorus

Celebrating International Dawn Chorus Day with seven days of bird song from wildlife sound recordist Geoff Sample, Immix Ensemble's Daniel Thorne, University of Liverpool's Bethan Roberts and RPSB Liverpool's Chris Tynan.

Natural and Unnatural Landscapes

Celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day with us! Acclaimed ecological field recordist and musician Geoff Sample joins with Daniel Thorne, saxophonist, composer and founder of the Immix Ensemble, to create a sonic reimagining of the dawn chorus.

Using musical instruments, Thorne responds to Sample's recordings of different landscapes and the birds that inhabit them - from woodlands to wetlands, to parks and cities - echoing the call and response of the morning symphonies we hear every day.

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Starling domestic life


Dr Bethan Roberts is the William Noble Postdoctoral Research Associate in the English Department, University of Liverpool, where she works on birds in eighteenth-century and Romantic poetry, science and ecology.

Her first book was Charlotte Smith and the Sonnet: Form, Place and Tradition in the Late Eighteenth Century (Liverpool University Press, 2019). Her second book, Nightingale for the Reaktion Press animal series, is out next year.

Bethan joins us for Dawn Chorus Week to introduce and celebrate a few of her favourite poems about birds.

Click here to listen to the reading.

Birds in Poetry

RSPB Liverpool

"From March to July, those feathered alarm clocks are at it again, as they defend their territories and sing to attract a mate."

We invited Chris Tynan from RSPB Liverpool to share his knowledge to help you identify birds and bird calls in around Merseyside.

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RSPB Common Wren

Common Wren, Courtesy of RSPB