Zilla Leutenegger: If I am not here, I'm over there

  • 9 May 2003 - 22 June 2003

The first solo exhibition in the UK by Swiss video and animation artist Zilla Leutenegger. Her prolific output and body of work (she has produced over 50 projects during the past five years) ranges from topics of loneliness and alienation to playful narratives and delicate fantasies centred on the artist herself.


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The two video installations exhibited at FACT encapsulate the themes and ideas that underpin her entire artistic output. In Zipcode, Leutenegger talks to herself on a mobile phone in a non-existent language resembling Japanese. In My First Car we are invited to take a journey to the moon where a car and its mysterious passengers endlessly circle the barren landscape. 


Supported by UK+CH and Pro-helvetia.