THE SHOW: SELF (1969-1973)

I had to try out (try on) my body, test my body, find my body, use my body, day by day (DIARY OF A BODY - MAP OF MY BODY OUT IN SPACE)… The agent (artist) functions as receiver of an external world (the agent ties self into an already existent system, outside the self); the piece exists as a private activity that, later, becomes public through documentation, reportage and rumour.

Presentation of self. The agent concentrates on self; the movement is circular (the agent starts an action, the action ends back at the agent) - the agent turns person into an object that can be targeted in on (through photographs and film) by viewers.

Exchange-point. The exhibition-area is a place where agent, in person, meets viewer (the agent might function as a still point, that viewers move toward, or the agent might be part of the space that viewers happen to be in); the agent can introduce self, in the present, by means of the past or future (autobiography, fantasy).

But, in order for you to have room of your own, in order for you to be free to move around the space, I have to move out of your way, I have to get out...



Image credits:

Blindfolded Catching,  June 1970,  Super 8 Film, b&w,  3 minutes