Visions of Our Communal Dreams

Weatherhead Media Arts College is working with artist Michael Takeo Magruder on this arts and education project for the Robots and Avatars exhibition. Artist and researcher Michael Takeo Magruder is collaborating with Year 9 students from Weatherhead Media Arts College to create a series of site-specific installations and artworks for the Robots and Avatars exhibition. The various creations will be embedded throughout FACT's galleries and public spaces and will allow both virtual and physical audiences opportunities to explore and interact with the synthetic realm.

Through a programme of technology-based workshops, the students are creating an ever-changing communal forest. Over eight sessions, they are learning industry standard and transportable skills such as avatar body and clothing customisation, constructing and texturing 3D builds, and basic scripting and animation so that they can realise their ideas within the virtual world.

Find out more about the Visions of Our Communal Dreams artwork here