Veterans within the Criminal Justice Setting

As part of our Veterans in Practice programme, FACT has been developing our work further to extend our understanding of the position of Veterans within the Criminal Justice Setting and extend our reach of collaborative work with Veterans.


The exact number of former Armed Service personnel in prison in Britain is at present unknown and figures are widely contested. It is believed that the number represents ‘a significant subset of the adult male prison population and by occupation, potentially the largest’. With a move to now better recognise veterans within the criminal justice system what does this identification mean for the individuals themselves?

Following on from our national conference produced with No Offence in Summer 2015, which explored the experience of the veteran within the criminal justice system, we looked to explore further this experience and the dual identity of veteran and criminal through a new collaborative commission.


FF Gaiden: Control, our first Pilot programme for Veterans within the Criminal Justice setting, explores the tensions inherent within this dual identity of ‘veteran and offender’ through a series of personal testimonies from the perspective of the veterans themselves and their family members. These accounts are played out through the world of video game Grand Theft Auto V, investigating this virtual space synonymous with violence to speak of their experiences of societal control.   

FF Gaiden Control has been made by artists Larry Achiampong and David Blandy with with Matt Buckley, Gordon Harding, Adam Rushton, Mark Towell, Susan Wardle and Lindsay Wallace.

The project was commissioned and produced by FACT. Supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. With thanks HMP Altcourse, HMP Liverpool and Partners of Prisoners.


With the support of Community Convenant FACT will now continue to deliver a series of secondary digital art projects within Veterans within the criminal Justice setting working in partnership with regional partners (as listed above) over the course of the next 12 months.


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FF Gaiden: Control

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