Gallery 2

Explore the entire film archive your way. Take a seat in our cinema space to watch the selections made by the exhibition curators, or use the interaction stations to learn more about your favourites, discover new ones, and create your own playlist.

The following programme plays every day, in this order, starting at 11.20am and finishing at 5.40pm. 

Family Programmes:

Narrative Animation: Living Types (approx. 60 mins)

In a great variety of genres writing becomes the “animated” main character: letters walk across the screen; interact with humans; or look, move and behave like the animals or the objects to which they relate.

Music Videos: Dancing Types (approx. 40 mins)

In comparatively rare examples of music videos it is not the artist being shown, but it is writing– colorfully designed, animated, and set to music – which plays a predominant role in various shapes and languages.

Other Programmes:

Silent Feature Film: Animated Intertitles (approx. 12 mins)

Instead of easily legible information presented as motionless on intertitle boards, pioneer Edwin S. Porter (1870–1941) presented intertitles as jumbled announcements, essentially to the impact of his silent comedies.



Silent Experimental Film: Making the Invisible Visible (approx. 115 mins)

In these two experimental silent feature films dialogue, thoughts and feelings are presented as animated written manifestation. The words appear as if they are real objects – to be talked to, pushed away, etc.

Structural Film (approx. 60 mins)

In Hollis Frampton’s (1936–1984) structural film Zorns Lemma (US 1970) there appears to be a continued reference to the linguistic component of images that is hidden from perception; in the film, every image stands for a letter.

Title Sequences: Art of the Title (approx. 45 mins)

These titles show how specifically designed writing not only communicates the films’ content and relationship to a particular genre, but also generates a specific atmosphere, dragging the viewer into the film before the narrative has begun.

Commercials / Trailers / Openers (approx. 30 mins)

In these examples, writing creates emotion through motion and design, and takes on functions no longer limited to communication of information.

The Multi Touch Surface allows users to literally get hands on with the archive and curate their own playlists. Equipped with custom-built software, the Surface allows visitors to select films based on genre, or period, and choose to play them on one of four hanging glass screens in the gallery. Visitors can create short playlists to further explore and establish aesthetic and historical relationships between and among Type Motion works.



Loaned to FACT by partners LJMU, and equipped with custom-built software and interface (courtesy of xm:lab)

Control your journey through a constant stream of visual information using the cutting edge Leap Motion system. Using gestures and movements, visitors can focus in on specific films as well as being able to then display them across all nine of the large LED screens