Tim Brunsden: Follow

  • 22 June 2012 - 22 July 2012

A filmmaking experiment by artist Tim Brunsden and starring Scottee commissioned by FACT and the Abandon Normal Devices festival. Follow is a documentary film that follows performance artist Scottee's obsession with a Twitter persona. It consists of four different episodes and a single-channel film that chart Scottee's growing obsession with the elusive Twitter persona of a young American woman who goes by the alias of @SoDamnTrue.

@SoDamnTrue has nearly a million Twitter followers and dispenses moral life lessons mixed in with the occasional product placement. In 140 characters, she tweets like a cult leader and was actually banned from Twitter last year. 

In Follow, Scottee is shown to become devoted to the idea of getting her attention whilst considering if his idea of 'self'' will become contorted? He follows and reinterprets her tweets to the letter in an attempt to find out the truth behind @SoDamnTrue. 

The project commenced on the 22 June as a real time filmmaking experiment that developed as the tweets unfolded.  You can find out more online at www.followscottee.com.