• 1 January 2013 - 1 May 2018

Can a building have a digital soul? Born out of a creative interest in the convergence of the digital and the real world, the media artists behind TILO create ephemeral artworks for public spaces. By animating these spaces and creating an interface between the building, it’s host organisation and the public, the TILO project seeks to answer the question whether a building can have a digital soul. 

TILO seeks to animate these spaces and create an interface between the building, it’s host organisation and the public. In this way, TILO is a hybrid display system for Arts and cultural venues that explores how digital public space can have an emotional and personalised dialogue with visitors and the extended community. TILO builds on an industry standard digital signage system that centrally manages and schedules digital content. We add a custom software platform based on four layers; An Information layer, shows “what’s on” and related content about the venue, Awareness uses various sensors and cameras to monitor activity that can be shared with other layers, Interactive applies a games engine with smartphone interaction and personalized allows repeat visitors to leave marks and co-create content. 

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