The Television Will Be Revolutionised

  • 17 December 2010 - 13 March 2011

Freehand and Young Tate take over FACT's Media Lounge gallery space as part of the Nam June Paik exhibition at FACT. Freehand and Young Tate took audiences on a trip into the world of Nam June Paik as imagined by themselves in The Television Will Be Revolutionised. FACT's Media Lounge space boasted musical TV screens, warped films and gave audiences the opportunity to climb inside the television. You were also able to take a peek at the screen outside the gallery to see what's happening inside.

Inspired by society's worship of the television - from the early days of TV to today's media saturated world, and Nam June Paik's unconventional use of television sets in his art, the young people created a rough and ready TV experience, drawing direct inspiration from Paik's rebellious streak and his unique relationship with technology.


The Television will be Revoluntionised was developed this over a three month period by the young people working with the FACT team and local artist Dave Evans. Throughout the process they immersed thereselves in the world of Nam June Paik, assuming the roles of researcher, producer, curator and artist to develop the space.