Diane Wiltshire, Sentiment

  • 21 July 2015 - 14 July 2015

15 - 17 July


What if you couldn’t just hear someones opinion but could feel it too?  Sentiment is an interactive soundscape with a wearable sensation device. 

Created from the voices and emotional response of fifty people, Sentiment is a chorus of humanity through sound and haptics. This living project started life in November 2013 when the first participants were interviewed and their electrodermal activity recorded, and was first shown at FACT in March 2015. The intention was to gather multiple sentiments from participants with varied and diverse experiences.


Through performance-style interviews, participatns' words and emotional data have produced an interactive soundscape which is run by the end users bodily responses as well as the intention of the artist and the opinions of the original participants. 

Diane Wiltshire is an artist interested in the application of new technologies within her research and practice. Key themes and concerns are experience, inherent characteristics and perceptual spaces. She has exhibited in the UK and Germany for the last seven years since completing a MA through a bursary with the Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology Lab. She is Creative Director of Sentiment and Artist in Residence at the Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham University.