Caroline Locke, Sound Fountains

  • 21 July 2015 - 14 July 2015

An interactive installation where sound waves move through water allowing the spectator to experience the sight of sound.

Sound Fountains brings together the artists research from the last ten years. Sound waves move through water allowing the spectator to experience the sight of sound. This is an interactive installation, which enables the audience to trigger different sound sequences, build their own soundscapes and explore the waveforms made on the water surface within steel vessels (pools of water).


During her residency at the Mixed Reality Lab, the artist worked with Performing Data tools in order to test and explore the new possibilities that the interface offers – using data as a live stream that is then presented and performed in real time and space. She has experimented with the Wordpress plug-in (Timestreams) to allow live recordings of CO2 levels to trigger sounds to be sent through the Sound Fountains.


Using Performing Data tools to take data from a sensor on Hastings pier in connection with Brendan Walker’s project Storm In A Teacup, the constantly changing wave data will trigger different sounds, sent through the Sound Fountains, creating new waveforms on the water surface in a gallery far removed from the sea.


Locke will explore and develop new ways for direct and live interaction with the Sound Fountains using PD tools, considering the use of data from weather stations in connection with Rachel Jacob’s project The Prediction Machine and taking heart rate readings or using brainwaves from audience members to trigger sounds live. 

Caroline Locke has been described as one of the UK’s most innovative interdisciplinary artists. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and is widely known for her large-scale installation works. Working with water, sculptural devices, new and old technology, sound, video and live elements, Locke makes works that are often sited in public spaces as well as in galleries and performance venues. Water and vibration are recurrent themes within her recent practice.


Born in Somerset, Locke is Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and a Principal Researcher within the Digital and Material Arts Research Centre at the University of Derby. She is artist in residence at the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University.


The sound sculpture The Frequency of Trees is her most recent work and is now part of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park open air collection.