Brendan Walker, Storm In A Teacup

  • 21 July 2015 - 14 July 2015

A sensor on Hastings Pier is monitoring waves and transmitting live data over the World Wide Web. Teacups at FACT, connected to this data are exhibiting some rather unusual behaviour in response. Hastings has experienced twelve major storms over the past twelve months, and another could soon be on its way...

Brendan Walker is a Renaissance Showman - a technology-inspired performance artist described by The Times as "the world's only Thrill Engineer". His multi-faceted Thrill Laboratory performances have provided popular entertainment for audiences from the Science Museum to Alton Towers, featured at Tate Modern and MoMA. 

Brendan originally trained as a military aeronautical engineer, before researching and teaching in Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art. Brendan now runs Aerial, a design practice specialising in the creation of tailored emotional experiences, with clients such as Durex, Nissan and Merlin Entertainment. He is also Principal Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham, Professor of Creative Industries at Middlesex University; and a regular broadcaster, currently filming as a new presenter for BBC Coast.