Rachel Jacobs (UK)

Rachel Jacobs’ work merges art, environmental science and technology through cross disciplinary collaboration, exploring how to ‘perform’ scientific data.

The Prediction Machine, 2015 - ongoing

Sustainable oak; steel; aluminium; printer; LCD screen; speakers; laptop; cables; adaptors; generator; bicycle chain and gears; iPad. Dimensions: 145  x 32 x 46cm


The Prediction Machine is an interactive artwork based on Victorian-era fortune telling machines, hand-powered via a dynamo, and connected to a weather station and a live data feed. The work invites us to become immersed in the act of using an instrument, generating data, and observing the changing weather. The machine predicts ‘moments of climate change’ that we might experience in the future – from snow on a summer’s day to three months of drought. Predictions are presented as short video messages from the future. The experience concludes with a printout of a ‘climate fortune’ we can take away and keep.


The Promises Machine, 2015 - ongoing

Sustainable oak; steel; cables; iPad. Dimensions: 135 x 32 x 40cm 


The Promises Machine presents a scientific explanation of the projected climate data, informing how The Prediction Machine makes predictions, and reveals a graph depicting 100 years of minimum and maximum temperatures for the local area. We are invited to write and submit our own promise or wish for the future, in response, and sign up to receive regular updates about our prediction and how close it might be to coming true.



Courtesy of the artist. The short videos, or Predictions were produced in collaboration with members of FACT’s Digital Ambassadors Group.