Jeronimo Voss (DE), with Radamés Ajna (BR)



Applicate Against Time, 2017

Multimedia installation. Dimensions variable.


Voss is interested in the narrative qualities of time-based media, and how science, time and history are constructed. Ajna is a multimedia artist exploring how machines affect our social interactions. Applicate Against Time explores the observing and management of time within contexts of precarious work.


The project brings together living room furniture, media displays and open-source time-management software. The ‘’ was created in collaboration with software engineer and media artist Radamés Ajna, during a residency at FACTLab, for use in the communal housing collective in Frankfurt, of which Voss is a member. A video montage combines promotional trailers for existing time management software with footage documenting the app’s development and historical contexts. The project explores how time management tools (used predominantly in a commercial context) may be built and used for more socially responsible ends, such as the smooth running of a housing cooperative.

The furniture design is inspired by experiments in utopian modular living, in particular Ken Isaac’s Super Chair (1974), and Stafford Beer’s and Gui Bonsiepe’s Cybersyn Operations Room (1971).


Download the app here.


Courtesy of the artist. A new commission for FACT supported by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen). This is the premiere of the work.