Hwa Young Jung


Social Care LARP (Live Action Roleplay), Jul – Sep 2018

Designer, Maker, and Socially engaged artist Hwa-Young Jung will use Live Action Role Play (LARP) to explore future social care scenarios. According to Oxford University study, the Future of Employment (2013), the safest jobs from being taken over by robots are ones that involve building complex relationships with people meaning mental health and substance abuse social workers (0.3%) some of the safest from automation.

By adopting the methods of Role Playing Games (RPG) and LARPing, originally developed in the production of war games, this project will test and imagine hurdles and strategies for the unexpected in the world of social care. Working with national care provider Community Integrated Care, this project will develop an environment that invites members of the public into a gameplay setting, to play with and against various agents in a Care scenario. The outcome will be an open-mic night style improve play performed to a public audience.

Photo: FACT Digital Ambassadors (2018)


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