Abstractions gathers videos which move away from mere illustration, preferring to allow graphic elegance to take the place of narrative. This section includes the visual "side effects" created by Bleip's electronic music, a uniquely realised water ballet (performed by a dripping tap), and the discovery of the beautiful potential of garage doors. These videos do not necessarily try to embody an abstract description of the songs they accompany, but allow the music to inspire an entirely new visual narrative.

List of works
Radiohead - House of Cards(2008)
Add N to X - Little Black Rocks in the Sun (2001)
Cornelius - Drop (Do It Again) (2003)
Sensorama - Star Escalator (1998)
Earlimart - Lost at Sea (2003)
Bleip - Simone (2002)
Prince - Sign o' the Times (1987)
Alex Gopher - The Child (1999)