The All Singing All Dancing Internet

FACT has been working with residents from Liverpool Mutual Homes on a project exploring how we feel about technology through the medium of song! The residents, who are all over 55, have been exploring what technology means to them, how it's impacted on their lives and how it's changed over the years in a series of workshops. They are working together with local artist as Artistic Director Alison Kershaw and Musical Director Jonathan Raisin to write and rehearse a series of original songs based on their experiences.

Part of the Electric Blanket / LMH Independent Living programme, The All Singing All Dancing Internet also includes training in digital technology, led by FACT's tenantspin team. 

The aim of the project is to help develop the participants digital skills, well-being and confidence through an exciting new medium.

Artistic Director for the project, Alison Kershaw's practice is focused on long-term relationships with particular places and people, asking questions such as: Who can be an artist today? Where can art be experienced? Why is it important? Her work is often created in collaboration with others, including artists, galleries, voluntary groups, individuals and organisations. Alison recently collaborated with FACT on the Bird Song Jukebox at Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit based at Rathbone Hospital.


Musical Director Jonathan Raisin uses his experience as a songwriter and composer to incorporate the technology themes and stories that the participants initiate. Jonathan Raisin has worked in Liverpool for nearly 25 years as a musician and project coordinator. He has performed in many of the city's theatres (and most of the bars), composing music for a number of shows, and running workshops with half the world. Jonathan is co-director of Lost Voices and, for the Capital of Culture in 2008 produced The Rightful Owners of the Song with local singers and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Follow the project, watch videos and see rehearsals.