The Agony & The Ecstasy

  • 24 June 2005 - 14 August 2005

Inspired by legends and artefacts from the past, four artists use the moving image to explore history, religion, pain/pleasure, life/death, fear and power. Using intense and sometimes disturbing imagery, all four artists explore the impact of the image, watching and being watched - seducing the viewer into an uncomfortable, but transfixing, relationship with the subject of their work.

It is human nature to find a way of anaesthetising ourselves to the fears we all face in life - we've all turned over when a famine documentary starts on TV or a report on the latest bomb attack, opting instead for a Hollywood blockbuster designed to transport us into a safe world, where we can predict the ending. With a squidge of the remote control or click of the mouse we are saying we want to be connected, but simultaneously separate ourselves from 'us' and 'them', opting out of seeing ourselves implicated in the darker side of life.

The artists in this show have all produced work that stops us in our tracks and makes us re-assess these 'shadowy areas', (as Marzia Migliora puts it), and our role as an individual, community and society.

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