Youngju Kim (SK)



Layers of Reality: The Cat, 2018
Custom-designed playable game with sound (duration variable)


Between February and April this year, the artist and game developer Youngju Kim undertook a residency at FACT, to research and develop a new chapter of her single-player art-game, Layers of Reality.

One of the chapters of Layers of Reality: The Cat is developed during the residency period. In this chapter, you are trying to discover what has been happened during the evacuation of the city. The characters help you piece together what happened - but some of them might be lying, or simply telling the story from their own, limited perspective. You need to take the time to see the situation from all points of view in order to access the multi-levelled narrative.


Four of the games also be seen here that were developed in workshops with a group of students from The Studio School, Liverpool. Through workshops, Youngju encouraged the participants to present their personal stories in the form of video games and communicate with others through gameplay as a new way of relating with the world around us.


Youngju Kim (b.1983), is a game designer/developer and artist based in Seoul/Cologne. She designs and delivers game-making workshops, as well as making games in both arts and commercial contexts.

This work was commissioned by FACT as part of the British Council UK/Korea 2017-2018 'Creative Future' Programme, supported by Arts Council England and Arts Council Korea. Courtesy of the artist.