Werkflow (UK)


Sovereign demo, 2018. 
Full game in development. Playable trailer with sound (duration variable)


Many games and surrounding subcultures play to a traditional idea of masculinity - defined by sex, money and violence. This fragile, unrealistic definition of manhood is based on external influences rather than subjective realities. Not living up to it can lead to deep resentment and insecurity that in turn needs to be hidden or expressed through anger in order to be ‘manly’.

Sovereign explores the external pressures of male adolescence in Noughties suburban Britain. Mimicking and subverting the ubiquitous first-person shooter format, Sovereign reveals the isolation and vulnerability experienced in male rites of passage. The player is guided by Anthony, an ageing and unemployed 'lost boy'. As Anthony shows us his unique viewpoint on the world, we take a dark and strange journey across suburban landscapes with the aim of joining a group of waste-ground revellers for a night of underage drinking. In our quest for inclusion and acceptance, our experiences and challenges are shaped by a cast of unique characters; their inner imaginaries spilling out into the game world, altering story and gameplay in weird and thought-provoking ways.

Werkflow (est. 2013) is a games engine-focused digital arts studio based in London, comprising of Tom Wandrag, James B Stringer & Jon Emmony.


Courtesy of the studio.