The Rodina (NL)


Playbour: Roleplay Reality, 2018
Playable game with sound (duration variable); exhibition brand identity

The Rodina has produced the brand identity for Roleplay Reality, including this custom-made game experience based around the topic of self-initiated labour. Their design responds to the curators’ proposition that the 'virtual' worlds of games sit on a continuum with our physical realities. This idea of slippage between the real and virtual is explored through the studio’s cross-platform approach to design, where physical existence and digital unite.

In Playbour: Roleplay Reality, you are invited into a world of graphic design surfaces and textures consisting of works from the exhibition, as well as the designer’s – the labourer’s – face. As you navigate the terrain against the clock, the aim is to collect as many labour tokens as you can!

These approaches build upon The Rodina’s multi-faceted research into art-objects, how to open the design processes, and how we gain ‘genuine’ experiences in a world filled with screens, noise and myriad mediating layers.


The Rodina (est. 2011) is Tereza and Vit Ruller, Czech-born, Amsterdam-based independent graphic designers. The studio specialises in video, user experience, installations, and visual identities, as well as what they refer to as ‘performative design’.

Game featuring exhibition brand identity contains posters and other communication materials with main artworks by Reija Meriläinen (FI), Larry Achiampong & David Blandy (UK), Pinar Yoldas (TR), and Bluehole Studios Inc (KR).


Courtesy of the artists.