Tender Claws (US)

Virtual Virtual Reality, 2017
Playable VR game with sound (duration variable)


If in the near future, most jobs are automated, carried out by robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI), what will be the role of humans? Maybe human companionship will be seen as an ‘artisanal’ product - highly sought by AI clients in the way we think of handmade sourdough bread or craft beer today. Virtual Virtual Reality asks you to strap on your VR headset in order to find your calling.

V-VR is a game with a lot of layers. The deeper in you go, the more impossible tasks you are given. The more ‘immersed’ you get in V-VR ’s virtual service tasks, the more your ratings drop. You feel alienated by the gap between the services you can actually provide and what’s being asked of you, and, consequently, from the VR technology.


This game plays with our perception of layers of reality, specifically poking fun at the way we speak about ‘immersive’ new technologies, like VR and AR.

Tender Claws (est. 2014) is an LA- based studio working at the intersection of art and technology. Made up of directors, writers, designers, and coders, they blur the boundaries of design, publishing, cinema, installation and virtual reality.


Courtesy of the studio.