Reija Meriläinen (FL)


Survivor, 2017
Playable game (duration variable); single-channel projection; custom seating


We have all experienced some form of power play in our everyday interactions. Survivor questions how far you would be willing to manipulate others in order to succeed.

Inspired by the reality TV show Survivor and Online Reality Games (ORGs), Survivor forces you to form alliances with other players, and ultimately eliminate them in order to progress. This may not be so easy when the other players begin to reveal their stories and vulnerabilities, making them feel more real.


Meriläinen uses game structure, sugary graphics and an enveloping control chair to create a visceral sense of the social tensions and power dynamics that influence our choices. She forces you to ask what you would do to win, even if you’re not sure what winning entails. In an added twist, the stylistic museum setting is based on the architecture of the gallery that commissioned the work, Kiasma (Finland), and has been slightly adapted for FACT’s context.

Reija Meriläinen (b. 1987) is a Finnish artist working across moving image, installations and sculpture.


Supported by The Finnish Institute in London and FRAME Contemporary Art. Originally commissioned for ARS17, Kiasma museum of contemporary art in Helsinki. Courtesy of the artist.