Pinar Yoldas (TR)

The Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance, 2016


Pinar Yoldas is an interdisciplinary designer/artist/researcher currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her work develops within biological sciences and digital technologies with a focus on posthumanism, eco-nihilism, the anthropocene and feminist technoscience.

The Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance is a video installation which projects a speculative future scenario in which an artificial intelligence in the form of a kitten has replaced the governing elite. It is the year 2039. In a ‘politician-free zone’ the Kitty AI reigns supreme as the ultimate governor of a European city. R-Crisis EMEA, a refugee crisis triggered by war and climate change, is followed by P-Crisis EMEA, a political crisis where many politicians across Europe and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) countries fail to serve the sentient human. Kitty AI is an artificial intelligence with the affective capacities of a cat who can love up to three million people. The Kitty AI not only carries the tasks of a governor but also takes care of its citizens at a personal level. A fun take on the future of AI, governance, and cats, the piece entertains while inspiring critical thinking.


This fictional world feels increasingly closer to reality, placing us in the role of subservient subject, controlled by the intelligence we created. In this projection we happily hand over control to the Artificial Intelligence which we designed to make our lives easier (and our video games feel more realistic). This relinquishing of power is spoken of as an act of relief: removing not only our agency but also the anxieties it brings. 

The piece is inspired by some elements of pop culture, namely an episode of the science fiction television show Black Mirror called Waldo Moment, where a cartoon character becomes a political candidate and fails; the singer Miley Cyrus’ 2013 performance for AMA Wrecking Ball; and the German author Leif Randt’s Planet Magnon; where computers run an entire galaxy.


Courtesy of the artist.