Pinar Yoldas (TR)


The Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance, 2016
Video with sound (12.10 min); custom seating and headphones


Yoldas’ film creates a near-future in which an artificial intelligence (AI), in the form of a kitten, has replaced all politicians and royalty. The Kitty AI not only carries out the tasks of a world ruler, but also loves and takes care of its citizens at a personal level.

In this projection, we happily hand over control to the AI, which we originally designed to make our lives easier (and make our video games more realistic). This relinquishing of power is an act of relief: removing our freedom but also the anxiety it can bring.


By forcing us into the role of the controlled masses, Yoldas flips the expected relationship between the ‘real’ and the digital, with a cute anime aesthetic. The Kitty AI assures us that this is the only way to evolve, so attached are we to our gadgets, games and technological innovation.

Pinar Yoldas (b.1979) is a Turkish/American designer, artist and researcher based in Michigan. Her work uses biological sciences and digital technologies with a focus on posthumanism, eco-nihilism, the anthropocene and feminist technoscience.


Courtesy of the artist.