Minority Media (CA)


Papo & Yo is an allegorical tale of Minority Media’s Vander Caballero’s childhood, living with an abusive parent with an alcohol addiction.

While hiding from his father in a closet, a young Brazilian boy named Quico finds himself taken to a dream-like favela. In this realm, he is constantly accompanied by a gigantic monster. This monster is mostly benign but when he sees a poisonous green frog, he has no choice but to eat it. This sends him into a rage, hurting everything around him (including Quico).


Acting as a metaphor for addiction and the power of our imagination to escape a hard reality, this poignant game combines environmental manipulation and AI interaction to create an emotional, story-driven puzzle experience. It conveys an atmosphere of struggle, and ultimately resignation with delicacy, bravery and intelligence.

Minority Media (est. 2010) is an established games studio in Montreal, now committed to producing cutting-edge VR products.

Courtesy of the studio.