Minority Media (CA)

Papo & Yo, 2013

Playable game

Designed by Minority Media, headed up by creator Vander Caballero, Papo & Yo is an allegorical tale of Caballero’s childhood living with an abusive parent with an alcohol addiction.

Whilst hiding from his father in a closet, a young Brazilian boy named Quico finds himself taken to a dream-like favela, which he is able to demolish and reconstruct to further explore the world and keep himself safe. In this realm, he is constantly accompanied by a gigantic monster. This monster is mostly benign (sometimes he sleeps peacefully, and the boy can climb on his belly) but when the he sees a poisonous green frog, he has no choice but to eat it. This sends him into a rage, hurting everything around him including Quico, who wants nothing more than to find a way to cure Monster of his problem.


Acting as a metaphor for addiction and the power of escaping a hard reality through imagination, this sadly poignant game combines environmental manipulation and AI interaction to create an emotional, story-driven puzzle experience. It successfully conveys an atmosphere of struggle and ultimately resignation with delicacy, bravery, and intelligence.



Courtesy of Minority Media.