Sound Spaces Exhibition

  • 19 October 2015 - 23 October 2015


Sound Spaces explores the sonic and visual characteristics of locations around Liverpool. Using acoustic mapping, a variety of sound recording techniques, and spherical photography, the project presents a collection of artistic responses through three presentation systems. Sound Spaces also includes talks, live performances and demonstrations across a five-day programme.

Sound Spaces presents outcomes and ongoing work from a research collaboration between Kinicho, Newcastle University and FACT that is exploring technological and creative means of representing the sonic and visual characteristics of space.


This exhibition builds on earlier Sound Lines and Sound Spaces workshops where participants worked with the project collaborators to record material at diverse locations across Liverpool using acoustic mapping, a variety of sound recording techniques, and spherical photography, and produce an initial set of artistic responses to it. These responses have developed further and can be experienced at the exhibition through three intriguing presentation systems, including the Icosahedron Sound System developed by Kinicho.


The Sound Spaces programme also includes discussions and performances of work by the project collaborators, a performance by Philip Jeck using material created during the project, and related work from Imogen Stidworthy and Lauren Moffat.

Sound Spaces is a collaboration between Stefan Kazassoglou (Kinicho); John Bowers, Tim Shaw, Simon Bowen and Magnus Williamson (Newcastle University), and FACT.


Sound Spaces is funded by The Creative Exchange, a national initiative that brings together the best creative and digital minds from leading universities with dynamic and entrepreneurial companies, to create innovative new digital products and services. The Creative Exchange is a unique four-year project led by Lancaster University, Newcastle University and the Royal College of Art; funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. These three creative powerhouses are bringing together key academics, industry partners and Government bodies to exchange knowledge and find new, innovative ways of engaging with digital technology across England.


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