Wim Delvoye - Sybille II

The surface of an imaginary and seductive landscape is intermittently broken by worm-like shapes that explode through the 'ground;' the extreme close-up of the surface of the skin appears interrupted by the eruptions of blackheads. Fascination towards what appears to be mysteriously beautiful is confused with socially induced disgust towards that which is repellent.

The impermeable layer of skin is broken to allow for inside and outside to overlap; the skin becomes the porous landscape it was once considered to be, as opposed to the cosmetic surface we are used to.

Sybille II's easy-listening musical accompaniment, composed by the artist himself, echoes of everyday consumerism and brings to mind those beauty products which allege to help the skin attain the ideal qualities of antique statues. Projected onto the back of FACT, the film gives a depth to the skin-and-bonesarchitecture of the building.

Wim Delvoye investigates the use of symbols and interpretation in art and society, subverting meanings and highlighting the absurd in systems, markets and rites.