Jill Scott - E-skin: Somatic Interaction

The video documents the process and results of Jill Scott's research into skin as a Human-Computer Interface presenting the interactive device known as E-skin. This innovative interface, inspired by the reception and transmission qualities of the skin, is worn in contact with the skin of participants and transforms touch and sound into electronic signals that are used for navigation.

E-skin has been tested and developed in workshops where visually impaired actors can navigate a mediated stage, interacting with each other and orienting themselves accordingly while manipulating audio-visual devices. Jill Scott's research is based on the premise that contemporary cultural events are dominated by visual information, but hardly on the combined senses of touch and sound. E-skin allows for the expression of the unique cross-modal potentials of human sensory perception.

With a background in video, conceptual art and performance Jill Scott promotes inter-disciplinary projects to develop interactive environments.