Art Orienté objet; Marion Lavel-Jeantet & Benoît Mangin - Artists' Skin Culture (Culture de Peaux d'Artistes) Roadkill Coat

In Artists' Skin Culture, epidermal cells of both artists have been cultivated, then grafted onto pig derma, before finally tattooing it with motifs of endangered species. These trans-species totems are ultimately and ideally grafted onto compliant art collectors, who can then make these art bodies literally part of their own. According to the duo, the work shows 'the projection of a hybrid world where inter-species transplants would be common currency, and the distinctions between different living species would be blurred until they finally disappeared altogether.'

Roadkill Coat also provokes an inter-species encounter and critical commentary with the 'recycling' of the furs of animals killed by driving. Part eco-militant action part existential gesture, the Roadkill Coat stands as a symbol to the memory of the victims.

Art Orienté objet have been creating work concerned with the environment, trans-species relationships, and the questioning of scientific methods and tools since 1991.