Ryan Trecartin - Tommy-Chat Just E-mailed Me


Trecartin describes Tommy-Chat Just E-mailed Me as a "narrative video short that takes place inside and outside of an e-mail." This intense visualization of electronic communication is inhabited by a cast of stylized characters: Pam, a lesbian librarian with a screaming baby in an ultra-modern hotel room; Tammy and Beth, who live in an apartment filled with installation art; and Tommy, who is seen in a secluded lake house in the woods.

Totally self-absorbed and equipped with limited attention spans, the characters constantly communicate with one another. Their e-mails and web searches are channeled into bright animations that intersect with the "real world" locations. 

As the story moves from person to person like a browser surfing through Web pages, the characters become increasingly isolated and narcissistic.

HD Video with sound, 7 minutes, 15 seconds; Installation environment