#FACTfiction is a story written by you and a thousand others. It describes a dystopian near future with a Science Fiction narrative. We believe everybody has their own Sci-Fi Narrative and we want to hear yours. Tweet us your part of the Sci-Fi story in 140 characters from 27thMarch-10th April and your chapter of the story could become a scene in a new art work. Head to Twitter and search for #FACTfiction to read the story so far.

To tweet your part of the story, your tweet must: 

•   Start with #FACTfiction

•   Be written in the first person

•     Should continue the story from the preceding tweet 

#FACTfiction is a project developed by Freehand Connects: a strand of FACT's young people's programme. The group engages with FACT's artistic programme in a collaborative & innovative way. If you would like to know more, please email louise.latter@fact.co.uk