Dario Solman - Target Orbit


Target Orbit is one of a series of multimedia projects that Dario Solman has been developing and repurposing for over a decade under the title The Heart of Perspective, the Making of the Film. This expansive project consists of studies and tests for a film that will never be finished and explores themes related to the way we produce and experience art, cinema, culture and politics.

The animation seen here depicts a journey from the real world, through the contemporary art gallery space, and into the fantastical laboratory of art production and cosmic inspiration. A geometric human figure dominates the work and reappears throughout in various roles, as a spectator and as a protagonist. 


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

Target Orbit, Dario Solman, is commissioned and produced by Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts 2013.


It is co-produced by Contour 2013, 6th Biennial of Moving Image, Liverpool Biennial, and Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art within the frame of the European Culture Programme 2007-2013.


Single-channel digital animation, 4 mins 54 seconds; Digital prints