Schoolchildren learn how to Trust Dogs

As part of an ongoing partnership with FACT, Your Housing Group commissioned our Schools and Learning Programme to work with The Dogs Trust and students at Bedford Primary School to explore responsible dog ownership in their local area. 'The children got so much out of the project - this was so evident in their levels of engagement and motivation.’ Assistant Head Teacher

Your Housing Group recognised dangerous dogs to be an issue in the area and wanted to commission a project that would both raise awareness, promote responsible dog ownership and create a resource that the Dogs Trust can continue to use in schools.

After an initial visit to the school from The Dogs Trust and the very popular dog Ratatouile, we were very pleased to welcome on board filmmaker Jaqueline Passmore, who spent a week working with year five students to create the finished animation.

When creating Trust Dogs the children spent some time considering dog safety with an emphasis on dogs as living, conscious beings that deserve the same respect and consideration as other living animals. They imagined what it would be like to be a dog and through consultation with Dogs Trust developed some guidelines for others.


1. Always ask the owner before you pet a dog, even if it's on a lead
2. Dogs' ears are very sensitive - Don't make loud noises around a dog because it may feel scared.
3. Don't back a dog into a corner
4. Don't stare a strange dog in the eyes
5. Don't put your face close to a dog's face
6. Did you know that most dog attacks happen in the home?  Please think about dog safety.

All children involved learnt new skills and techniques in filmmaking and animation.

Throughout the project there was an emphasis on collaboration and the children worked brilliantly together. The finished film includes a blend of all the students’ contributions and will be shown to schools across Merseyside by The Dogs Trust!