exonemo: Shikakunomukou (On the Other Side of Vision)

exonemo (Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa) who began working with experiments on the Internet, have expanded their approach since 2000 to embrace software, installations and their own devices. They use their unique critical intuition to create works employing and encouraging a deviational use of media. They create metamorphic systems from routine things and data and produce devices that stimulate subconscious desires and latent creativity.

exonemo: Shikakunomukou (On the Other Side of Vision)

In the case of the software work FMS2 (FragMental Storm) (2000-02), by inputting independent words we see a random collage of images and texts extracted by a search engine from several Internet sites. The enormous quantity of data reflecting peoples' interests and desires, continuously updated on the Web, is dynamically remixed by the artist. In Natural Process (2004), an enormous painting that faithfully recreates the Google homepage is being transmitted 24 hours a day by a web camera while the exhibition is under way, the aim being to recreate the digital-analogue-digital information conversion process while involving the exhibition space itself, with the added effect of stimulating activity on the part of the spectator standing in front of the camera.


Their new work Shikakunomukou (On the Other Side of Vision), presented at FACT, is the first work in which images and sounds are generated in real time by the user. By inviting visitors to make the 'final' work by drawing in the dark, exonemo provoke the user into considering their own sensory perception and creativity in relation to others.