Judith Goddard - The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Garden of Earthly Delights draws, in formand content, on the Hieronymus Bosch triptych of the same name. A video collage of London landscapes at the turn of the century reminds us of the apocalyptic scenes depicted by the Flemish artist. The Garden of Earthly Delights has been shown on numerous occasions since its original conception for Video Positive, including the Walter Philips Gallery (Banff, 1996), Tate Britain (London, 2003/04) and the Apeejay Gallery (New Delhi, 2005). The layering of video and stills into the composite collage on-screen was done on a Quantel Harry, the first all-digital non-linear editing system.

The evolution of the piece has involved the digitisation of the original analogue content, prior to its presentation at Bloomberg Space in London (2004) and the adaptation of the plinth to different environments; when presented in India, the plinth had the proportions of Edwin Luyten's India Gate and the content was re-digitised to a higher quality by FACT's Moving Image, Touring and Exhibitions Service (MITES). A new plinth has been designed for the presentation in Gallery 1. The installation is also accompanied by original collages used by Goddard to make the animations.

Judith Goddard's installations and film and video works have received recognition in the UK and abroad. Her interest in light, colour and capturing time becomes apparent in her video work through the treatment of moving image content into visually rich, abstract metaphors exploring expressive possibilities beyond the expected and ordinary. Among many other qualities, her art illustrates how access to digital manipulation of images transformed the creative explorations of artists in the 90s.

Judith Goddard also participated in Video Positive 89 with Silver Lining, shown on the 34-screen National Videowall Project, and in Video Positive 93 with her interactive installation Reservoir, both at Tate, Liverpool. Her work is currently being archived by the BFI and by the REWIND project in Scotland.

3 monitor triptych, Video Positive 91 commission, Bluecoat Gallery