Radamés Ajna and Thiago Hersan

  • 4 June 2015 - 31 August 2015

As part of a three month pilot program, FACTLab will host creative technology residents Radamés Ajna and Thiago Hersan in Gallery 2. 

The lab will provide the residents with a conceptual and physical space to experiment and develop tools and technologies for their artistic practices.

The first residents to occupy the space will be Radamés Ajna and Thiago Hersan, who will continue their investigation of expressive robotic movements and physical communication protocols through their memememe project.

memememe is a research project and a framework for exploring computer-computer interactions. Projecting from our contemporary preoccupation with one-sided communications (trending, liking, following, etc), and a simplification of our own body language, it’s not hard to imagine a future where our devices have richer, more physical ways of interacting with each other.


A future where we have successfully been able to optimize ourselves out, and technology is capable of communicating with itself using the leftovers of our digital affection.


FACTLab and its' events are supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union and Connecting Cities


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