• 16 December 2014 - 5 January 2015

MCQN Ltd and FACT have collaborated with a collection of artists to bring you an interactive gallery of festive pixel art.  The project uses the huge LED facade on the side of FACT's building as the canvas to display the art and by connecting it to the Internet it allows people anywhere in the world to choose which piece is on display.

By sending a message on Twitter that mentions the #Cheerlights hashtag and a colour, you can set one of the colours in the image.  If you also include the name of one of the artworks it will change the display to show that piece.


Tweet to #Cheerlights.

Choose from the following colours: red, green, blue, cyan, white, warmwhite, purple, magenta, yellow, pink, orange.

To change the picture include one of the following artwork names: bauble, bell, frankensanta, jumper, nose, peacefulsanta, prints, pudding, sillysnowman, sleepysanta, tree, xmasfc, yaksmas

For more details visit pixelcheer.mcqn.com


Zarino Zappia
Bauble, Bell, Tree

Anthony Casey
Jumper, Nose, Prints, XmasFC

Dan Farrimond
FrankenSanta, PeacefulSanta, Pudding, SillySnowman, SleepySanta, Yaksmas