Open My Glade (Flatten)

The notion of the screen has been a consistent preoccupation for Pipilotti Rist. Fascinated as much by the limitations of the TV, cinema screens, art-gallery projection spaces, her work attempts to challenge the fact that,

"we can no longer look at technology innocently and see it as miraculous; it's become too ordinary. We try to put all our knowledge, history and emotion behind two dimensional square screens." Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Pipilotti Rist

To this end, the exhibition opens with the UK premiere of a re-worked still from her seminal piece Open My Glade (Flatten). Originally designed for one of the large moving image billboards in New York's Times Square the work had to compete within the highly branded commercial space of central Manhattan.


In the series of nine one-minute films, the artist presses her face hard against the surface of the screen and tries to escape. Her face contorts and her high-glam make-up smears across the glass of the camera. Pasted onto the large glass window at the front of FACT, the artist turns this previously unused architectural space into a screen from which she is trying to escape.

Open My Glade will also be shown on the BBC Big Screen in Clayton Square, Liverpool city centre, throughout the duration of the exhibition.