T. R. Uthco and Ant Farm - The Eternal Frame

The Eternal Frame is an examination of the role that the media plays in the creation of (post) modern historical myths. For T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm, the event that signified the ultimate collusion of historical spectacle and media image was the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. The work begins with an excerpt from the Super-8 footage of the assassination shot by Abraham Zapruder, a bystander on the parade route.

Using those infamous few frames of film as their starting point, T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm
construct a multi-levelled event that is a live performance spectacle, a taped re-enactment of the assassination, a mock documentary, and, perhaps most insidiously, a simulation of the Zapruder film itself.

Performed in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the site of the assassination, the re-enactment elicits bizarre responses from the spectators, who react to the simulation as though it were the original event.


1975, duration 23'50", courtesy the artists and Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) New York